Who Am I?

My Name is Michelle Stewart

Throughout my own personal and professional development over the years, I have faced challenges that have held me back; often leaving me feeling helpless and generally “Unworthy.” Of course, I somehow had the control to suppress some of the issues because it was easier for many reasons. Easier to not address what I was really feeling, what my soul was yearning for.

One of my biggest lessons in my journey of life (so far) was to learn to accept myself for Who Am I at present and embrace my souls journey at the present time. Learning that it is OK to not have all of the answers, it is OK to not ‘know it all’ where everything is and what is supposed to ultimately be.

One of my best teachers of this was my horse Major. Unknowing that he would come into my life, and especially that he was going to be the teacher leading to the awakening of my soul. I would sit with him; sharing his territory while he was grazing in nature which enabled myself

to be in what I didn’t know was a vulnerable moment. Whilst in what I didn’t know was invaluable at the time,

I took in all the sounds around me with only one intention, “Learning To Be Still”.

Michelle Stewart


  • Mentor in Body Awareness through Horsemanship Liberty Training 
  • Reiki Practitioner LEVEL 1 Usui Shiki Ryoko 
  • Portrait Photographer 

I was so eager to really connect with myself in such a deeper way than I had ever done before.

While spending time with Major and sharing his grounded territory, I would ask myself questions and journal my thoughts and feelings. Overtime, this practise provided me with direction and conclusions about myself that I had not faced. Not this consciously, not before.

My soul was finally coming alive. I felt empowered each time I journaled and it allowed all these feelings to be acknowledged. For the first time I was being completely honest with myself and I asked the question Who Am I? Being completely open with myself I was able to have a sense of direction.

It didn’t stop there, I felt it deep within my heart that this was only the beginning. I could feel my soul being awakened.

The next leg of my journey was to start setting small tangible goals for myself as I finally accepted and released what was holding me back for so many years. “Worthy of!”

Working at Liberty with my horse was my next personal growth lesson. Being aware of body language and how we carry ourselves, how others see you. Eager to grow together I had to learn to listen and observe. Major has an opinion and of course he should. We were both in search of finding that balance in our relationship. A balance I was so eager to discover, to awaken to.

Once aware of my body language, along with listening and observing his body language, we were communicating without speaking one word. I quickly learned something very special about him.

Major was very intuitive, smart, and he had a real sense of humour! He too was discovering himself. This is when the complimentary dance started between us. We were freeing and accepting each other for who we are. We have a true connection beyond what I could ever imagine. We understand and accept each other for who we are. Great teachings forever grateful to Major.

Searching for the most honest and raw words in the journey of my hearts healing, throughout my journaling I was setting goals to share this experience with others because it was so profound.

I wanted everyone to experience the power of a horse’s soul. Studies have proven they too are very therapeutic and something within you changes, its called being PRESENT.

Our energy is a mirrored reflection of who we are in their company.

It has always been a passion of mine to watch people because I see their individual beauty and this sparked my curiosity because we are all so very unique. In fact, when I was younger, my mother refused to take me shopping with her because, I would stare, or so she thought.

Truth be told I was so interested in the behaviour of others.

Photography for me was another way that I could connect with myself, express myself and share what I saw that maybe others didn’t.

In today’s society, we are surrounded by selfies everywhere. But what is a selfie if it doesn’t really depict and capture who you are?

Its a split second of only what you are willing to share and it has to be close to what we ‘think’ our perfect image is. Often you see a picture of someone and then when you meet them, they really are nothing like the image they shared.

This I found interesting… and came to the conclusion WHO ARE YOU? What a great way to tell your story but through Portrait Photography. Studies have also proven that it is a form of therapy as it allows one to accept themselves for who they are and let the past go. Nothing like the Present. Your present journey.

Often we view ourselves differently than ones who view us. We put silly thoughts in our heads and it becomes our reality…. Let it go…

I recently worked with a young lady that was shy and lacked confidence. Towards the final part of our shoot she blossomed into this confident young lady; during this time those turned out to be her best portraits. She released all fears and doubts about herself and sunk into the camera – so to speak, and gave it her all. I was so proud of her because I could see the transformation within. Her journey of self-love and confidence has begun.

If we can’t love ourselves we are not in the space to truly love others.

My passion is to work with my client on an individual basis to help you to accept yourself for who you are through Portrait Therapy. Life can present so many changes, it can be physical changes or personal growth changes but setting yourself free from past stigmas and moving into the present is a gift you can give yourself. So let me help you on your journey…Let your journey begin…WHO ARE YOU?.

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