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Photo-based self-exploration (photography-as-therapy) can often end up being serendipitously therapeutic (“healing”) 

How will it work for you?


Everyone’s journey is unique and very personal.  Whether you are just at the beginning of self-awareness or wanting to embrace milestones in your journey.  Part of the therapy comes with the TOOL of your personalized self-portrait. It’s a benchmark filled with inspiration, for you and others.  I’m not a therapist, but I certainly can hear and feel with all my heart your personal journey, with no judgement.

Step 1:

Tell me about your personal journey. There is a brief questionnaire which will inspire you to collect your thoughts, so I can embrace….Who Are You

The questionnaire can be printed off or can be completed online and emailed directly to my email. 

All conversations are private and confidential.

Step 2:

Choose a package that best fits you.

Remember this is all about embracing you. Even choosing the location can be specific to you. Give it some thought and let’s get creative!

Payments can be made via an e transfer or cash. 

Remember sharing your personal journey will Inspire others.

I have created a Testimonial Page and I encourage you to share your personal journey as an inspiration to others. Let’s honour YOU!

Together We Are One

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Authentic Self is the soul made visible…Let’s Focus On YOU

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