Michelle invited me to do a personal portrait therapy session with her and in exchange I would write a testimony of what I personally experienced. I was quite hesitant because I had no idea what to expect. A questionnaire was provided. Going through the questions it made me reflect on myself, at present, as I was taking the time to see myself more openly. Through conversations I expressed that I love the beach, so that is where decided to do the photo shoot.

I shared with Michelle that I lack confidence, this I know. Contributing to that might have been the result of not having a solid female figure while I was growing up. Someone that you can talk to and trust, while exploring yourself through the different ages. I also expressed that certain angles such as side profiles I don`t like of myself.

Knowing this Michelle guided me into posses, I guess she was also feeling out my comfort level.

Typically, I am quiet, shy and reserved so this was something completely out of the norm.

Michelle shared the pictures as we went along and the anxiety started to settle. They were so different from the typical selfies I take at home or with my friends. I was seeing myself for the first time in a completely different way. As time went on, I even forgot about everyone around me on the beach.

Every new portrait I became more comfortable and confident. I felt beautiful, which I haven’t felt in a long time.

I am beautiful! and I find myself way more confident after this shoot. The shoot provided me with an inner peace love and acceptance towards myself.

Thank you so much Michelle for such a positive experience. I have started my journey of self love. The portraits, will be my tool to remind myself that you can always overcome any obstacles and to always love myself.


From Michelle to Nicole… It was my pleasure getting to know you and sharing a special time that helped you accept yourself and your natural beauty. You have a wonderful soul …let it shine..all the very best to you!



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